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It’s very important to understand this simple statement LIFE IS MOVEMENT & MOVEMENT IS LIFE” - This is possible only if your bone and Joints are Healthy. In short, Bones Carry You and Joints Move You. And in Osteoarthritis – “Osteo” meaning bone and “Arth” meaning a Joint and “itis” meaning inflammation the mobility of a person suffers a great deal from a painful Joint to a crippling condition.

Joint Replacement Surgeries are the most successful surgeries of the modern science with a success rate of 99 percent and more. Initially there were many rapid developments in the innovation and technology used in Joint Replacement Surgeries. Although improving and research in any field has no end - we can now safely say that a Joint Replacement Surgery is a boon to a patient suffering from Osteoarthritis.

INDICATIONS : “Pain” remains the major indication in presence of structural damage in a Joint. The other indications along with pain would be deformity correction, mobility and improving the functionality of a patient. It can be generalized that a Joint Replacement Surgery is to convert a painful, unstable, stiff arthritic Joint to a painless, stable and a mobile Joint.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : The foremost and the only contraindication in a Joint Replacement Surgery remains any active infection prevailing in one’s body. If a patient is diagnosed to have an infection anywhere should be first treated to get rid of infection and then only undergo a Joint Replacement Surgery.

LIMITATIONS : Initially the limitations were many but now we can expect a near normal life after a Joint replacement surgery. However, longevity of a prosthesis used in a Joint Replacement Surgery still remains a challenge. Even though the latest of the implants have potential to work beyond three decades.

As a general rule after any Joint Replacement Surgery it is advised to avoid any kind of impact activities to increase the life of the joint.

OUTCOMES : When a Joint Replacement Surgery is done in a correct patient with correct skill and infrastructure it’s a very gratifying experience for both patient and the surgeon. Even though the outcomes of a Joint Replacement Surgery have their own limitations as compared to a natural joint. It’s a very gratifying for a crippled patient to again spring back to life as LIFE IS MOVEMENT & MOVEMENT IS LIFE”


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