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Hear from Our Patients

I was suffering with back pain and ankle pain. I searched for Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad.
I got Dr. Pradeep Reddy Orthopedic in this area. He explained clearly and asked us not to take so many medicines for such problem. Given minimal tablets and shown some exercises related to spine and ankle. Thanks to doctor


I was treated by Dr. Pradeep reddy for my back pain. I am very happy as my pain has disappeared after undergoing physiotherapy and with minimum medicines prescribed by the doctor. Now day’s doctors used to write lot of medicines for small complaints, but this doctor will suggests us to do exercises. I am very happy. Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad


I came to Dr. Pradeep reddy for my Knee Replacement Surgery. But he suggested me that this is not right time to undergo the same. As per x-ray my knee is suitable for surgery but as per physical investigation I am not fit for Knee Replacement Surgery now. He asked me to do Knee related exercises and to take limited medicines which has no role of spoiling kidneys. Thanks to the doctor. The hospital staff is very polite. I appreciate the way they treat the patient. Best Orthopedic Hospital in Hyderabad


Wish I had met him earlier as I have been suffering from Knee Pains since long. Now that I have got my Knees Replaced I am not only able to do my own activities but also able to help my family members who are much elder to me.
Thanks to Dr. M. Pradeep Reddy for giving me a new life all together.I strongly recommend him to all the patients suffering from Knee Pains.


Dr Pradeep reddy sir has been very concerned about my problem and listened to my problem and could really understand my problem so well that he could even tell me my occasional symptoms too. I can say he is one such doctor who doesn't just treat pain but treats the cause of pain. Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Hyderabad Thanks Google Reviews for guiding me. Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad


I had my total Knee Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad MultiSpecialty Hospital a month ago. Now I am comfortable and able to do all my daily activities. The surgery pain will come down slowly as the day’s passes. Friends, who are suffering with knee pain, please don't afraid for going Knee Replacement Surgery. It is a simple and planned surgery. Within a couple of hours they make you to walk, couple of days they will send us home too. Thanks to doctors and staff who supported us during our stay in hospital.


Happy with: Treatment satisfaction Doctor is very friendly and polite, having a vast experience in this field. I am satisfied with the treatment and explanation of the doctor. Thanks. Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad


Visited For Knee Pain Treatment I came to Dr. Pradeep reddy for my Knee Pain. I was happy with his treatment and the exercises what he taught me to do. My Knee Pain has been reduced with exercises. Thanks

M S David

I visit Hyderabad MultiSpecialty Hospital. But a few words of Dr. Pradeep have made me feel happy and comfortable. Doctors are gods. I appreciate his patience. Best Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad

T S Srinivas

Simply I had never seen that type of doctor... If the patient believes the doctor and he gives us new life... ...I had cleared my problem sir...I won't forget u sir in my life... Thank you sir… Best Orthopedic Doctor and Hospital in Hyderabad

Nanda mohan

Happy with: Doctor Friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction The doctor is very polite and pleasing nature. His explanation about the problem is very clear and I personally thank him for making the patient to understand. I came here for my Knee Replacement. He suggests that we need to use all basic line treatment, in case if we have no relief then the last option to go is Surgery. Now we are using the basic line treatment and will be back after 3 months. Thanks

Rama Tulasamma

Happy with: Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction I am happy with the treatment. Doctor is well experienced and explains the problem in detail and handles with proper care. He is good and friendly. It was a refreshing experience visiting a hospital and coming back with confidence instead of worrying about the problem

Karunaker Reddy

Doctor is very polite. We are very much satisfied with the treatment given by him. Hospitality services and the coordination between the staff and the patient are appreciable. "KEEP IT UP" Best Orthopedic Doctor in Hyderabad

Narayana Reddy

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment, Treatment satisfaction Very good and was so much satisfied and I was happy with the treatment options and conversation was so friendly with doctor. Definitely recommend to my family and friends. Staff is very cooperative and friendly. Good keep it up. Best Knee Specialist in Hyderabad


I was suffering with Knee Pain since a year. I had been to so many Hospitals for the treatment. But at last one of my relatives father had undergone Hip Replacement Surgery in this Hospital and he is doing fine now. They suggested me to see Dr. Pradeep Reddy. I had very good experience in this Hospital. I will appreciate the Doctor and staff for the patience and concern about the patient. Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad

M. Radhika

I'm suffering from Knee Pain, from last few months, i consult Dr. Pradeep reddy. And I'm planning for Surgery. Now I am very happy thanks to Dr Pradeep Reddy & Hyderabad MultiSpecialty Hospital. Best Orthopedic Hospital in Hyderabad and Best Knee Replacement Surgeons in Hyderabad

Asim Ali

I am patient of Dr. Pradeep Reddy since a couple of years. I came actually to replace my Knee Joint, but doctor says my Knee x-ray qualifies for Surgery; clinically I am not fit for Surgery. He has given medicines for some time and asked me to come back. Really I fell he is a good doctor. His saying towards pain is "RESPECT PAIN". This saying came true in my life. Thanks to doctor and the staff who receives the patients in a polite way.

Ms. Haripriya

Hi, I was suffering with my Knee Pain since 1 month. I had been to some other Hospitals, not satisfied the treatment given by them. At last I came to Dr. Pradeep Reddy for my problem. He explained and said within no time I will become normal and alright. He will not give preference to medicines. He asked us to do only some exercises which will decrease our Pain. Thanks Best Hospital For Knee Replacement Surgery


I showed my wife for Knee Pain and satisfied the Doctors Treatment. So I came myself for the same. I like the way of talking and counseling the pt for not going surgery immediately. He will ask us to take our own time till we get sever knee pain. Best Orthopedic Care Hospitals in Hyderabad…. Thanks….

Mrs. Suneela Prasad

Doctor is very polite. I am suffering from my both Knees since two years. I heard from one of my friend about Dr. Pradeep and came for OP. He suggested me to take support of stick and walk. As I am having urology problem too, he said if everything is OK he will do Surgery. Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Malakpet

Mr. J. Shantilal jain

I came through camp (conducted by this hospital at Shiridi Said Baba Temple). I was impressed by the speech given by the doctor and came to this hospital. Doctor is so polite and friendly and the staff is also very polite. Hospital is so clean. I am very much satisfied with the treatment given by the doctor.

Mrs. S. Premalatha

Dr. M. Pradeep reddy , Hyderabad Multi Specialty Hospital Hyderabad.. I have seen my friend got good treatment from Dr Pradeep Reddy , which she was not getting cured from any one before.. And now I have seen Dr Pradeep reddy he is having very friendly nature.

Mrs. G. Suwarna

I am suffering from knee pain since many years and met Dr Pradeep reddy in a camp organized by Hyderabad Multi Specialty Hospital. The camp was very useful and also that's where I have decide to consult doctor immediately and now I think I was very true in my decision. Feeling very grateful to Dr Pradeep reddy garu


We are pleased with the doctor handled the patient in most humble. The way he has discussed the problem and diagnosed and explained the present position and remedial measures in a lucid manner which we have received INA attractive manner. It is out of place to put in few words about treatment meted by Dr Pradeep reddy and hospital personnel to our relatives whom we have directed to your institution., and the feed we have received is simply superb.

Shireesha Devi

Dr. Pradeep reddy is so polite. He has so much of patience towards patient. Due to this there will be delay in seeing the patients. But don't worry. Patient has to explain all problems to doctor. I request all the patients to be so patience when u visits any doctor. Thanks

Mr. Ramavasu Reddy

This hospital is the best place to get correct treatment for any Orthopedic Problem. Pradeep reddy sir treated me very well. He advised me some life style changes and increases the muscle power with the help of Physiotherapy. We r happy with his Treatment

Mr.J.Krishna Reddy

I came to the hospital thinking that, I have to undergo surgery for my knees. But Dr. Pradeep reddy explained. The problem clearly and suggested me physiotherapy. I noticed these hospital doctors and staff movements with the patients are polite and friendly. Thanks to the doctor for maintaining.


I got right Knee Operated in this hospital. And now I am fine and planning to go for left knee surgery. My suggestion to the viewers who are suffering for knee pains please consult Dr Pradeep Reddy, He is one of the best doctor for Knee Joint Replacement Treatment. Thanks for the staff also for their coordination.


I would like to thank and appreciate the doctor. Extremely great facility, visited for knee pain. Nice doctor and gave wonderful advice. All the best


Visited For Knee Pain, Knee Problems, Knee Pain Treatment A very Good Doctor Highly recommended! The way he explains and Assures the patient are some of his Good Qualities. Started taking his treatment


Doctor is very good. He has so much patience to listen our problems. Half of our pain will go if we talk with him. He maintained a very good staff. Excellent services…

Mrs. Ameena banu

I was seen by Dr. Pradeep sir six months ago. I was happy by the treatment given by him. He taught me some exercises and a little bit not medication suggested. Now I am able to do my activities without pain. Thanks to Dr. Pradeep.

Srikar pt

I came to Dr. Pradeep Reddy for my knee replacement. It was a wonderful experience. He is so polite and friendly. I am planning in next week for my surgery.

Mrs. Rajitha

Doctor was very polite and friendly. I was happy with the treatment given by him. I like the timely appointment. Staff is very cooperative. Thanks to all.


Had a good experience in the hospital hoping to get my knee pain to be healed soon, Hospital staff is very polite and are very friendly. Thanks to doctor.


I searched for a best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad and Google helped me in getting my best doctor. Dr. Pradeep is very polite and friendly. I will appreciate his patience towards patient problems. Thanks

Mrs. Asma jabeen

Doctor is having a good experience in handling knee replacement. His explanation is excellent. Myself and my husband both satisfied his diagnosis and we are very happy. Planning for surgery for both of us

Mrs. Suvarna kulkarni

Doctor is very polite and friendly. Explained my problem clearly, His treatment is very effective. This is my second visit. First visit I have not given feedback. Now I am satisfied with his treatment. Thanks ….

Mrs.Laxmi Narasamma

We are extremely happy with Doctor's talk. Doctor's explanation was excellent. We are happy with reception. Regards

Mr. I. Ramamurthy

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Sir is so polite and friendly. He diagnosed my problem very nicely. Hospital is very neat and tidy. Everyone cooperation is good. Thanks.

Mrs. A. Rajyalaxmi

I have knee pain. And I consult Dr Pradeep reddy, Hyderabad Multi Specialty Hospital. Dr Pradeep reddy is very friendly. And I like his way of treating patients. I'm happy with his treatment.

Mr. Ahmed Habeebuddin

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Doctor is so polite and friendly. He has given medication and asked us to come after 2 weeks in case knee pain doesn't come down.

Mrs. T. Bangaramma

I saw this doctor when he conducted camp at vanasthalipuram. I have very much impressed about his lecture and came. He is such a nice doctor very polite and friendly. His treatment is very excellent.

Mrs. C. Rajyalaxmi

Doctor is so polite and friendly. His treatment is excellent. My right knee needs surgery. He explained clearly about the surgery. I am planning for surgery in next month.

Mrs. Indiramma

I am very impressed about doctor treatment and his way of talking with the patients. His treatment is excellent and what he is telling about our health is correct. Thanks

Mrs. L. Vandana

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
The response was really good. Hopefully will get into good health. Keep up the good work. Really a very good Doctor and good support staff as well.


Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Doctor is so friendly and polite. He explained and diagnosed my problem in detail. I am so happy with the treatment and hospital services.

Mrs. T. Ramadevi

I had a very good experience with Dr. Pradeep reddy he is very cool n friendly n very supportive staff good environment, superb maintenance

Mrs. B. Naga Lakshmi

I'm very happy what I got the treatment from Dr Pradeep Reddy. He is very caring about patients. He explained me very well about my problem and advised physiotherapy exercises.

Mrs.Zara Fathima

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
I'm happy with Dr Pradeep Reddy treatment. Hyderabad Multi Specialty Hospital is the best place for to get treatment for Orthopedic Problems.

Mrs.B.Surya Prabha

Doctor treatment is excellent. He is so friendly and very polite and even the staff response is very good. He is suggesting us to increase muscle power with exercises not with medicines. Thanks

Mrs. C. Radha

I brought my mother to this hospital. They received very politely and they helped my mother in getting x ray etc within no time. My mother was very impressed about the way Dr. Pradeep Reddy explained for the problems. Thanks to him and the staff who supported my mother.

Mrs.Devi Siddamma

I was with knee joint pain since last 4 years. However after consulting few Doctors on the issue, I have somehow felt, after discussing with Dr Pradeep Reddy garu, I have got convinced and got operated for knee replacement. Now I feel so comfort as if I am totally free from pain and as normal as earlier.

Mr.B.L.Narayana Rao

Hyderabad Multispeciality Hospital is the best hospital in Hyderabad. This Hospital has the best facilities with good care for the patient. Completely satisfied with the treatment, Thanks to Dr M Pradeep Reddy

Ms. Neetu

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
I am an old patient to Dr. Pradeep Reddy. His treatment is satisfactory. As I am going to Australia I came for checkup. Thanks.

Mrs.P.Moulana bee

I searched for the best doctor (Ortho). I found Dr. Pradeep Reddy is one of the best orthopedician. He will explain our problems very clearly. Excellent Doctor

Mrs. I Vijaya Vani

Excellent . I came from warangal for my mother's knee surgery. Doctor is so polite and friendly. He diagnosed and explained the problem clearly. My mother is so happy about the staff (very soft and cooperative)

Mrs. Rudramma

Doctor Sab is so polite and very friendly. He explained my problem very clearly. The staff is very cooperative and friendly. Thanks.

Mrs. Asmaunnisa Begum

I heard from one of my friend regarding the doctor and I took my mother. Doctor seen and suggested for right knee replacement. I will plan and come for my mother's surgery.

Mrs. Y. Anasuyamma

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
I came for my father Mr. Vishwanadam for knee pain. Sir is so polite and friendly. My wife is also pt of Dr. Pradeep. His treatment is very effective. Thanks.


Good experience with Hyderabad Multi speciality Hospital and Dr. Pradeep Reddy. He treated me very well. He explained me very well about my problem and advised me some physiotherapy exercises. I'm happy with his treatment.

Mrs.Saheda Tabassum

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
I came through practo. Doctor was so polite and the staff are very friendly and cooperative. We are lucky to be in this area.

Mohammed samdani

I had undergone knee replacement surgery in September 2015, now I am doing well. I came here for my monthly checkup. I have directed my friends to this hospital in case of knee pain.

Mr.R.Narayana reddy

I came to here to replace my knee as I am suffering from knee pain. He explained the regarding surgery and the advantages of the same. So I am planning to go for surgery after 5 months.

Mrs. G. Ramadevi

Treatment was good and we felt confident about the treatment......over all it is very good..good luck...

Mrs. S. Grace Madumathi

I felt happy visiting this hospital. Doctor has suggested me to undergo Knee replacement. I got perfect suggestion from doctor.

Mrs. Indurthi sarala

Doctor is so polite and friendly. He is listening the patient problems very keenly. I like the way of handling the patients in the hospital by all the staff. The training provided to the staff is good.

Ms. Anees Fatima

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Doctor was so polite and friendly. He explained the problem very nicely. Staff is so nice and polite. Guidance in the hospital is so nice.

Prabhavathi A

I had been referred by my mother Mrs. Bhoomilaxmi. She is Dr. Pradeep sir patient. She has taken the prescribed medications and exercises said by doctor. She is fine and doing well. I came for backpain.

Mrs. R. Malleshwari

Doctor is so polite and friendly. He explained our problem very clearly and diagnosed. I liked the treatment very much. Thanks.

Mrs. P. Aruna reddy

I brought my Father for knee pain. Doctor is so friendly and polite and the treatment is so perfect and very clear. I wish him all the best for future endeavors.

Mr. Adellappa

I'm having good experience with Hyderabad multi speciality Hospital and Dr. Pradeep Reddy. He treated me very well. He gave me good medicines. He advised me to decrease body weight.

Mrs.Shaheda Begum

I'm happy to get treatment from dr. Pradeep reddy. He treated me very well and gave the best medicines. He advised physiotherapy including cycling, walking. We are satisfied with his treatment.


Doctor is so polite and very friendly. He has explained our problem and his diagnosis is in very detail. Sir is so cooperative. Thanks

Mrs.Mehrun Hazma Shaik

Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Problem is explained in detailed and means of solution is also adviced and a good doctor to suggest who were facing the relevant issue


Dr. Pradeep reddy sir is very friendly, polite and very caring about patients. He treated me very well. He advised me some exercises and medicines. We are happy with his treatment.

Mrs.Gousia Begum

Pradeep reddy is a good doctor. He is very polite and friendly with patients. He treated me like his mother. He advised me some life life style changes including cycling and physiotherapy. I'm happy with his treatment.


Doctor is friendly & explained the problem in detail prescribed treatment is effective, overall hospital is good. We r happy with his treatment.


Doctor treatment was good. We came to know about this doctor through one of my friend. Sir his very polite. His way of treatment is very nice.

Mr. G. Yadagiri

I met Dr. Pradeep Garu, I came all the way from Mahaboobnagar for knee replacement. The doctor is so friendly and polite.

Mr.K.Gangadhar Rao

Interaction with doctor is so friendly and polite. Treatment explained and given by him is so effective. I have taken the medicines as per his suggestion. Now I am fine.

Mr. Krishna Reddy

Dr. Pradeep garu is so polite and very friendly. He has explained our problem in detail. His treatment is so effective. Now I am fine with dr. Pradeep sirs grace.

Mrs. Suvarna v

I felt very happy with the services of the doctor and staff. I referred by my cousin meghana bansal. I got a better and the best treatment. Thanks.

Mrs. Sumitra bansal

Dr. Pradeep reddy garu is so polite and very friendly. I appreciate the way he speaks with the patients. I have not seen such doctor in Hyderabad.


Very good doctor. He explained me very well about my problem. He suggested me physiotherapy exercises to strengthen muscle power in knees.

Mr.Syed Khaleel

Very good doctor. His receiving and talking with patient are simply superb. He explained me very well about my problem. Thanks doctor.


Visited For Knee Pain Treatment
Its quiet excellent experience to me. I'm very happy with his treatment and he gave me genuine advice to me. Thanks doctor Garu.

Mr.C.Mahendar Reddy

I came to show my knees first time to this hospital thinking need of surgery. But the doctor explained my problem clearly and very detaily. I thank once again for the treatment given to me by him.


Dr. Pradeep reddy is a nice doctor. He explained me very well about my problem. He treated me well and advised me some life style changes and physiotherapy to me.


I got operated my both knees. Now I am very perfect.walking without pain. My operation was very successful. Knee pain no pain.


I'm happy to get operated my left knee replacement by dr. Pradeep reddy last 7 months back. Now I'm walking without pain in my knee. Thankq Doctor garu

B Narayana Reddy